Circulation Heaters

Circulation Heaters are used when a pressurized, circulating fluid needs to be heated. A flanged immersion, or a screw plug immersion heater is inserted into a into a pressure vessel. This vessel may also be called a pipe body. The fluid passing though this circulation heater will rise to the desired temperature. This heating approach greatly enhances normal immersion heaters by offering a method to give you heat on demand. Many temperature control options give you can get the exact temperature control of the heated fluid.

Circulation Heaters are often called electric fired heat exchangers, they generate their own heat, perform at 100% efficiency, and are adaptable to general purpose terminal enclosures, weather/moisture resistant terminal enclosure, or hazardous location and explosion proof locations.

Once the correct immersion heater is selected, the pipe body is designed to house the heater, connect to your piping system and heat your product.