Custom Made Elements 


Need an element that doesn't come standard. Send us a description of your requirements and Infinite Electric will custom bend your element to fit even the most unique of situations.

The following are the most common tubular element sheath materials.  For other materials please contact us.

Incoloy 840: Nickel 18-20%, Chromium 18-22%, Iron balance. Has about 10% less nickel than Incoloy 800.  Used in many air heating applications, where it has exhibited superior oxidation resistance at less cost than Incoloy 800.
Maximum Sheath Temperature: 1600°F/871°C

Incoloy 800: Nickel 30-35%, Chromium 19-23%, Iron balance.  The high nickel content of this alloy contributes to its resistance to scaling and corrosion.  Used in air heating and immersion heating of potable water and other liquids.
Maximum Sheath Temperature: 1600°F/871°C

316 Stainless Steel: Chromium 16-18%, Nickel 11-14%, Iron balance. Modified with the addition of Molybdenum (2-3%) to improve corrosion resistance in certain environments, especially those which would tend to cause pitting due to the presence of chlorides.  Applications include deionized water.
Maximum Sheath Temperature: 1200°F/649°C

304 Stainless Steel: Chromium 18-20%, Nickel 8-11%, Iron balance.  Used in the food industry, medical, and chemical heating. 
Maximum Sheath Temperature: 1200°F/649°C

321 Stainless Steel: Chromium 17-20%, Nickel 9-13%, Iron balance.  Modified with the addition of Titanium to prevent carbide precipitation and resulting intergranular corrosion that can take place in certain mediums when operating in the 800-1200°F (427-649°C) temperature range.
Maximum Sheath Temperature: 1200°F/649°C

Copper: Standard Copper Alloy
A low temperature, inexpensive material used mainly for clean water heating.
Maximum Sheath Temperature: 350°F/177°C

Steel: Low Carbon
Used for high to low viscosity oils, asphalt, tar, wax, molten salt, heat transfer liquid media and other compatible solutions.
Maximum Sheath Temperature: 750°F/399°C

Other Sheath Materials:  Available for a limited number of diameters.  Contact us for more information.

Incoloy 825:  Nickel 38-46%, Chromium 19.5 - 23.5%, Molybdenum 2.5-3.5%, Iron balance.
Maximum Sheath Temperature: 1100°F/593°C